Spam – Tarnung

Offensichtlich machen sich die Spammer immer mehr gedanken über die Tarnung ihrer Mails. Neuerdings kommt der unsinige Text nicht nur am Ende einer Mail, sondern auch am Anfang. Mittig wird dann der Werbebeitrag für die Online-Apotheke, die einem Viagra und Co zu Top-Preisen anbieten.

Hier mal wieder ein Beispiel:

—– Original Message —–
From: Calvin X. West
To: Tom N. Cole
Sent: Saturday, April 28, 2007 5:03 PM
Subject: huge 500-page report on offshore funds. This was around the time that

biggest shareholder. Goldsmith remained first with a 30 percent share.
In case anyone had any doubt about George Soross market powers, he
signing his name on five-pound British notes.
Many others who had accumulated wealth believed they had a right
beyond the 7 to 8 percent an investor would have made in U.S. stockindex
Roughly half of those on the list either ran or worked for hedge funds.

***** hier wäre das Werbebild******

power of Wall Streets most important firms. They are, in the words of
conviction grew among politicians that hedge funds were behind it.
ability to see the play, because small fluctuations against you can have
that the depressed real estate market would turn around in the near
They have every reason in the world to bring in earnings.
Soros announced on February 8, 1993, that he was establishing a
investors occasionally raise an eyebrow where Soros is concerned. His

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