Aktienspam vom 01.07.2007 – EntreMetrix Inc. (ERMX)

Mal wieder ein unglaublicher Tipp. Diesmal allerdings ohne ein Kursziel. Vielleicht folgt es ja demnächst.

Wer Aktien aufgrund von Aktienspam kauft, ist einfach selbst schuld.

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From: „Emm“
To: <>
Sent: Sunday, July 01, 2007 1:27 PM
Subject: This is where I must make a confession: I was one of those people that challenged vegetarians about their meat alternatives adopting the sofa covering premise.

> ERMX Gets into Nitride Devices! Applications Are Amazing!
> EntreMetrix Inc. (ERMX)
> $0.16
> Nitride Wafers are the next level in super technology. From Super Energy
> Conductors to Nano-Lasers used in microscopic surgery. ERMX is moved
> into a joint venture to manufacture Nitride devices out of China. This
> is huge get on ERMX Monday!
> It’s good to know there are dedicated professionals out there defending
> our way of life.
> The minute more people in this world realize that the better off we as a
> species might be. anyway, may God find glory in all of this. Sprinkled
> with stories of his days flying military aircraft or playing his
> saxophone, Dr. Great idea, thanks for the insight! Esso comprende un
> pranzo, una cena e due prime colazioni. The whole premise of the
> on-camera slaughters was to say „in Britain we don’t know where our food
> comes from, and we should.
> If all has happened as you describe, this certainly seems to be the case
> with Mr.
> Read the entire article. first, i want to make sure i am not gossiping.
> Temperature minimein calo, massime in aumento.
> After all, you’re only responsible for the purchase, right? Yet I am
> confident in the Savior in whose bosom Dr. Baccile o Tana omo selvatico.
> may john and his wife and his mistress all find the redemptive power of
> Jesus. Similarly, the people were crowding around Jesus because he was a
> popular and, perhaps, dynamic speaker, not because they really cared
> about the essential message he brought.
> The author reflects on his own experience when the South African church
> he attended was attacked by men with guns and grenades.
> GRUPPO SPELEOLOGICO GEO CAI BASSANO. And, if this is so, I certainly
> encourage you not to let your life be defined by this one moment. If you
> suffer any kind of mocking or taunting from them about not being a
> „proper vegetarian“ or if you do eat meat whilst reducing, tell them
> very firmly to go and hug a tree or something. To anyone who has heard
> this or similar mockeries of vegetarian meat alternatives, it’s just not
> true!

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