Aktienspam für Oncology Med. Inc.

Aufgrund von Aktienspam sollte man keine Geschäfte tätigen. Hier die neuste Zusendung:

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From: „Hasina Guiller“
To: <>
Sent: Friday, September 21, 2007 7:26 AM
Subject: nirpleeh

> Rumor News:
> Oncology Med. Inc. (OTC: ONCO) a Cancer Treatment Solutions Group is said to have
> experienced over a 1000% increase in revenues for the fiscal 3rd quarter ending July,
> 2007 compared with the prior year while fiscal fourth quarter results for 2007 are on
> track to exceed this year’s third quarter results.
> ONCO additionally plans to increase service offerings which are currently underway.
> Don’t wait for the news to come out and lose the opportunity to get in front of the
> general investing public. Oncology Med is in a multibillion dollar industry where
> they are gaining market share rapidly.
> Call your broker now for ONCO.

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